Putty Buddies-3 Pair Packs
Item code: 18927451
£ 6.50

Putty Buddies® are soft, comfortable silicone earplugs. Extra soft silicone means more comfort and better fit. The Putty Buddies® extra tacky texture keeps plugs in place better for maximum effectiveness. Each pair lasts up to 2 weeks or more.

  • Physician recommended for prevention of swimmer's ear or kids with ear tubes.
  • Super soft for extreme comfort.
  • Tacky texture helps them stay in place.
  • Use with Ear Band-It® headbands for the best protection.

3 Pair Packs of Putty Buddies® come with one carry case and are available in Pink/Purple/Teal, Clear or Red/Yellow/Blue

Please note: For maximum effectiveness original and floating Putty Buddies® should be used with the Ear Band-it® or Ear Band-it® Ultra headband.