Size Guide

Swimsuit Sizing:
A swimsuit is the only item of clothing you buy to fit your body length rather than width. Once you have decided which style of suit you want - high leg (narrow suit) medium leg (a bit more coverage in this) or low leg/bust support (more generous again) you then need to think length. The bust size is a guide, but if you are 6' tall you will probably have to go up a size - this will be 2" longer than the previous size. So if you know you are long in the body, size up - you can always phone us and ask us to send more than one size. And if you are buying a chlorine resistant suit you will probably need at least one size up again as they don't stretch. Remember, we're always at the end of the phone if you want advice!

Buying Competition Swimwear:
To achieve the best possible times in a competition suit it needs to fit tightly enough to prevent water penetration. If you train in a lycra suit you should go one size down and if you train in endurance you should try two sizes down as lycra stretches the suit so it will actually last longer the tighter it fits when new.

Never warm up in your skins they should be dry when you race and NEVER train in them you will ruin them in one session.
All size guides are within the viewing page of the racing suit/jammers and will specify which size generally you will require. If you are still uncertain about sizing, we recommend you phoning or emailing us for any more help or advice on the costumes.