Macks Dry-N-Clear Ear Drying Drops
Item code: 46030301
£ 11.00

Nobody likes water-clogged ears. The Mack's Dry-n-Clear Ear Drying Drops are an excellent solution for water-clogged ears after swimming, bathing, scuba diving and surfing. These unique ear-drying drops are made from specially formulated moisturising agents which help dry the inner canal while protecting the ear's delicate lining. They efficiently aid in removing trapped water from the ear canal. 

IMPORTANT Precautions:  Apply 4 to 5 drops in each affected ear. Please do not use it on your eyes.

  • Volume Bottle 30ml
  • The active ingredients are Isopropyl Alcohol 95%, and Glycerin 5%. Both ingredients assist in drying moisture from the ear canal, while the glycerin also helps condition the delicate lining of the ear canal.
  • Conveniently, safely, and comfortably dries excess moisture from the ear canal
  • The drying aid is excellent for use after all watersports
  • Works for those with hearing aids
  • Dehydrates excess water while conditioning the delicate lining of the ear canal.