Floating Putty Buddies-3 Pair Packs
Item code: 18927431
£ 5.00

Floating Putty Buddies® are just like Original Putty Buddies® but are made with a special patented Flo-Tek® silicone formula.  They float easily on water so they can always be found if dropped or dislodged.

Flo-Tek® is a revolutionary patented compound, consisting of microscopic acrylic bubbles to create a highly versatile and lightweight formula which floats in water... and they're just as soft, tacky and effective as the originals!

Individual pairs of Floating Putty Buddies® come in their own carry case and are available in five bright color options as well as in tan. 

3 Pair Packs of Floating Putty Buddies® come with one carry case and are available in Green/Yellow/Blue, Red/White/Blue and Tan.

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Please note: For maximum effectiveness Floating Putty Buddies® should be used with the Ear Band-it® or Ear Band-it® Ulta headband.