Speedo Elite 2 Jammer Orange/Blue
Item code: 19478104
RRP: 160.00

Comfortable, lightweight and streamlined for maximum performance

The LZR Racer Elite 2 features all-over compression creating a streamlined shape in the water to help you be at your fastest, whilst the lightweight fabric has been treated with a durable water repellence to maximise performance. Worn by many world class swimmers, this jammer is fully approved by FINA.

Features & Benefits

  • LZR Pulse+ fabric compresses and sculpts your body into the optimal hydrodynamic shape
  • Ultra sonically bonded seams reduce skin friction drag by 6% vs sewn seams
  • Anti-friction cord technology ensures the cord offers even tension and remains secure
  • Water repelling technology that lasts 40% longer
  • The regular waist jammer style offers greater flexibility and may be preferred by breast stroke and IM swimmers. However, waist height comes down to personal preference
  • FINA approved