Maru Artie Pacer
Item code: 24451044
£ 12.00
RRP: £16.00

Please let us introduce you to Artie the otter. We met him while out on a river walk and he followed us all the whole way home. We tried to give him some wood to build a dam, but turns out otters don’t build dams, beavers do. Then we apologised for our lack of otter knowledge and offered him a place on this swimsuit!

On a bright blue base, this swimming costume features an oil-paint-effect otter amongst an abstract background of pink and white. We made sure there’s plenty of texture and depth by avoiding any flat colour. We wanted a straight-off-the-canvas vibe! We chose a lattice-effect Arrow Back but made the straps different colours. We incorporated both blue and pink to add extra detail to the otherwise plain back. The suit is also 100% polyester and chlorine resistant, so feel free to put it straight to the test!

We think this Artie pacer Arrow Back is otter-bly adorable, don’t you? (See what we did there?)

  • Made from our long-lasting Pacer fabric
  • 100% Chlorine proof
  • UPF 50+ fabric
  • Medium leg height
  • Front lined
  • Fabric – 100% Polyester
  • Style: ‘Arrow’ – Sporty double strap style ideal for training and outdoor swimming