Funkita Fly Dragon Girls Diamond Bk
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£ 22.00
RRP: £29.00


I’m the OG Funkita one piece that has been around since day dot and without bragging, continue to remain the most popular style.

With fabric panels across the back I’ll make you feel secure and supported throughout your session.

My single bind shoulder straps provide you with freedom of movement and comfort while swimming.

I’ll provide you with a modest rear coverage to keep you covered while swimming along.

I’ve got additional front lining and superior construction to be your perfect training companion for years to come.

Made from our exclusive C-Infinity fabric, a 100% Italian polyester that is a colourful breakthrough in chlorine resistant fabric technology! The superior choice for swimmers, C-Infinity has exceptional strength and can retain its durability far beyond other elastane swimwear fabrics. Ideal for frequent pool use for recreational and performance-based swimming.

Deep in our R&D lab, our scientists have been harvesting numerous insect species to weave into our swimwear to provide our customers with the many benefits that invertebrates have to offer. If you can deal with the thought of having bugs crawling all over your skin while wearing your swimwear then you will have the ability to leap 10 times your height and use surface tension to slide on your belly across the top of the water.